To all moms out there: Topics to avoid during first encounters with other moms

I find first time encounters among mothers somewhat intriguing.  Why some mothers have a need or an urge of sharing what they feed to their babies (formula or breastfeed) or even talk about their views on vaccines! Yes, on the very first encounter!  Like any of the views on these topics could potentially be a deal breaker if you want to get together in the future, or let alone, get the kids together for a play date. Forget it! This two subjects should be left out for discussion way after a friendship is build and not let  those be the basis for a future friendship. I just find it ridiculous and immature. But I confess, I often feel I fall into the trap of asking/answering those type of questions too, maybe because motherhood can be lonely and drive you crazy and you will say anything to almost anyone just to carry an  adult conversation. Is almost like they ( the other moms) are trying to place me in a category, if there is one for these type of moms, while going down the list of their requirements; Do you co-sleep, do you vaccinate, what about home school? Seriously, I rather be at home than trying to “fit in” in any of these mommy groups. So if you are a mom and you are at the park ask yourself why you  ask those type of questions? Why can we talk about the shoes that we are wearing? Or what kind of movies do you like? What did you do before becoming a mom? Not to be overly dramatic, but sometimes I miss those days, or better said, I miss the “cool girl” I was. And before you pass any judgement on me, I love my children and love the mom I have become. But please, I do not want to belong to any mommy group! They are not cool, not as cool as I believe I used to be.


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Funny how can women be open about almost anything. In the other hand, men can’t. How do they learn to grow their egos?To me, that is a mystery. When it comes to making my daughter happy I do not even think about what others think. I do what I have to do and completely forget about any “pride” or ego issues.