Justice was served?

The bigger issue here shouldn’t be if Officer Wilson had the legal right to defend himself and ultimately kill Michael Brown. The issue should be to analyze and understand how in the world we got here? Real justice will be a reality when all minorities receive equal access to education, access to better jobs and access to a better life. The lack of social mobility is the real issue here. I have read multiple times that “justice was served”, really, how?Sadly, this is likely to happen again.


Justicia real para Puerto Rico

“Diantre”, a la verdad que todo el mundo tiene una opinión del macabro incidente q aconteció en la Urbanización Los Frailes. Deberas q es frustrante leer todos los posts acerca de lo q se debería hacer con los asesinos. Que se merecen la pena de muerte, q se merecen q vivan todos los días recordando lo q hicieron. Que si pásenle el caso a los Federales.La gente quejándose de q ahora los asesinos van a ser mantenidos porque van a vivir de gratis y q también con derecho a  tres comidas diarias. Válgame Dios! A esas personas q creen en la pena muerte, q por favor me expliquen, cómo eso cambiaría la situación social precaria en la q vive  la isla? Osea, la explicación es q el criminal no va a cometer el delito porque sabe de su castigo? A eso es a lo q se llama justicia? Cree usted que se sería mas justo poder disfrutar de la vida, salir a la esquina o a la ATH sin miedo de q te asalten, te secuestren y te maten? A quien rayos le gusta vivir? Creo q a nadie, me parece q ya es la costumbre y ya la delincuencia es algo normal? en serio? que mal! desde cuando ha sido así? siete masacres? en lo q va d año? Gente, el problema es bien pero q bien serio y en vez de estar sugiriendo castigos, o hablando d q ya no se enseñan valores,de estarle echando la culpa a los cacos, de q aquí no hay leyes, q si la corrupción,you name it, si sigo no termino,  mi recomendación es q se sientan ha hacer un poquito de reflexión, nada más. Pregúntese cual fue la última vez q usted hizo algo positivo por el bienestar de alguien q lo necesitaba? Cuando se preocupó por la calidad de las escuelas he hizo algo al respecto? Y no me vengan con la cantaleta de q cada quién es responsable de sus actos, pues lo somos, pero  si un individuo nace en pobreza, no tiene buen empleo o educación hay una gran posibilidad d q sea pobre toda su vida. Nadie me puede discutir q lo q pasa en Puerto Rico empezó de un día para otro. La criminalidad, la delincuencia son síntomas de algo q se lleva  incubando hace años. La justicia para Puerto Rico debe ser un cambio radical, aceptando primero que le hemos fallado a la isla y a nuestra sociedad. No me vengan con que eso no es culpa mía, q si yo trabajo, soy decente, whatever…aqui todos somos responsables de lo q aportamos o no a la sociedad. Ese egoísmo tiene q terminar. Ver lo molestos q estan todos ante lo acontecido me dice todavía q nos queda algo de humanidad. Lo que hay q hacer es canalizar esa furia en energía positiva y tratar de alguna forma enfocarnos en la educación de la juventud. Por favor, que alguien me explique que tipo de justicia usted quiere o anhela para Puerto Rico. Sea sincero.

Thank You Brittany.

By now the entire world knows about the young wife of 29 years that was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and decided to end her life this past Saturday. If you are like me, you are  probably immerse in social media. We all have read the comments, the good wishes and the negative christian and moral views. This short blog is not about what I think or believe about ending life procedures. What I have learned is that when the time comes I will keep those wishes between me and my family. And that I will always be grateful to Brittany for making me truly appreciate the important things in life.

It is so sad to know that she did not  get to enjoy married life and all the wonderful stresses that come from a relationship. It is even more devastating to know that she never became a mom. This morning, as I am writing this, my two children are having breakfast. The floor is literally covered  with chunks of pears, apple juice, crackers (that they took from my plate). Brittany will never have to joy of cleaning her kids messes. I swear I will never EVER complaint about how dirty my floor always is. Her mom will never get to see her daughter raise a family and the joys that come with having grandkids. My mom is the proud grandmother of  five beautiful children. My mom witnessed the birth of my first one. Brittany and her mom won’t have that and that truly breaks my heart but also makes me cherish that memory even more.

Today I will take my kids to the park even thou I am sleep deprived because of my thirteen month old waking up every hour. Yes, I will appreciate the fact that I can survive my day with coffee. I will never EVER complain about my lack of sleep. Brittany will never get to have a dark under eyes or drink coffee to stay alert. Coffee will taste better today!

Lately, my husband and I have not been spending too much time together as a couple. Being new parents have taken a bit of a toll on our relationship. I know we love each other. We are both making an effort and things are going great! I cannot imagine how lonely Brittany’s husband have to feel or how she felt knowing that she was going to leave him. Just the thought of  it makes it hard to breathe.I swear I am never EVER complaint about my husband not helping enough around the house. God only knows how much he already misses her. From now on I am making sure we communicate better, simple enough, right? We only get one life and I am done sweating the small stuff.

Lastly I can summarize two more  things that I learned about this very sad situation. One is that  people are simply too scared to  talk about death and that is why so many, I believe,  hide behind the Bible and their religion, they are just simply scared. We may also argue that some see death as the end. But I think some of us may be more scared of living our lives the way we really want to  live it. Maybe we care too much about what others think? The other take away is that somehow people decide which life are more important to defend or to talk about. Those people who were outrage about her decision should be equally outrage when children are killed during war conflicts or every-time  a young black person is murdered. A life is a life! But  Brittany did not care about what others thought of her decision. She challenged us to appreciate life  and to see it from a new perspective. She  did what made her happy, what gave her peace. Shouldn’t life be about that? For that I thank her.Today is going to be a good day. I will never EVER complain.

To all moms out there: Topics to avoid during first encounters with other moms

I find first time encounters among mothers somewhat intriguing.  Why some mothers have a need or an urge of sharing what they feed to their babies (formula or breastfeed) or even talk about their views on vaccines! Yes, on the very first encounter!  Like any of the views on these topics could potentially be a deal breaker if you want to get together in the future, or let alone, get the kids together for a play date. Forget it! This two subjects should be left out for discussion way after a friendship is build and not let  those be the basis for a future friendship. I just find it ridiculous and immature. But I confess, I often feel I fall into the trap of asking/answering those type of questions too, maybe because motherhood can be lonely and drive you crazy and you will say anything to almost anyone just to carry an  adult conversation. Is almost like they ( the other moms) are trying to place me in a category, if there is one for these type of moms, while going down the list of their requirements; Do you co-sleep, do you vaccinate, what about home school? Seriously, I rather be at home than trying to “fit in” in any of these mommy groups. So if you are a mom and you are at the park ask yourself why you  ask those type of questions? Why can we talk about the shoes that we are wearing? Or what kind of movies do you like? What did you do before becoming a mom? Not to be overly dramatic, but sometimes I miss those days, or better said, I miss the “cool girl” I was. And before you pass any judgement on me, I love my children and love the mom I have become. But please, I do not want to belong to any mommy group! They are not cool, not as cool as I believe I used to be.

A new challenge!

So I decided to take matter in my own hands, or better said, with my own computer, my own time, by myself. Studying like a nerd for the past year about marketing and social media has truly  awaken in me thedesire to do big things.  If you are reading this you probably agree with me that times are tough. I am the mother of two, on my thirties and an eternal optimistic. Please don’t judge my poor handling of the English language, I do  take pride on being a bilingual. One that is ready to get out of a comfort zone, write whatever and start doing things a little bit different. By now you are probably trying to figure out what I am talking about. Honestly, I am still trying to figure it out myself, I will keep you post it. My journey can be yours too.