Open letter to Pro Gun Activists

Dear Pro Gun Activist,

Yes, today people are remembering what happened in Sandy Hook. Any one with a little bit of soul probably cried, got sick to their stomachs and got angry all at the same time. Yet, there are people who want to defend guns at all costs, even if it cost the life our children. Are you one these people? This is so messed up! Things need to change. You need to change.

Oh boy! How much do I HATE the stupid talking points: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, we need to arm the teachers”. It is incredibly to me that people actually believe this crap; most people don’t study or read about gun violence. This subject is quite complex and is tied to a bunch of other underlying issues. But the ignorant rather jump into the “it is my right to bear arms” wagon and they literally run with it. Are you one of these? Well, if you are, I think it is quite pathetic! Don’t we, as a responsible and advance society, deserve a better environment in which we all can live in peace and harmony? Last time I checked laws and their implementation are just for that purpose. Isn’t that what “pro-life and anti-abortion” groups constantly do at state level, don’t they change the law to fit their views? I smell a lot of hypocrisy here.

I can already hear the other talking points: “You can’t take away my gun, the government want to take our guns, and what about the one ‘we have the right for a well-organized militia’. This last one really is just plain stupid. Isn’t that why we as taxpayers pay to have the biggest army in the world, come on! Seriously, can we have a normal, non-gun-nut conversation? Ever? I do realize that Pro Gun activists have their valid points and I am in no way condemning the sane people who want to have a real and smart conversation, but please, let’s just keep the “crazy ones” away from it, shall we? They certainly hurt your views and help the side that want to see real change. I am sure we, at least, agree on this point.

Lastly, before you critique my opinion, please remember that it is MY opinion. I am the mother of two and I simply refuse to settle to live in a country in which we are OK with doing nothing. I encourage you to try putting yourself in the shoes of the parents that lost their children in Sandy Hook. Would you dare to tell them to their face that NOTHING can be done? I might be full of hope and positivism or maybe I am just a parent with a little bit of common sense left.

Best Regards.