NYPD’s officers failed to defend themselves

The argument  (or talking point) that we should have the right to protect our selves used by 2nd amendment activists, in my opinion, is completely debunked by this very unfortunate incident. I mean, two armed police officers could not defend themselves? Does anyone wonders or questioned that just for a second?

I know that the focus of this double murder has to do with the ongoing friction between minorities and law enforcement and it is an important topic that must be addressed and discussed fairly. But I also believe that every situation should be used to learn or open our minds.


Justice was served?

The bigger issue here shouldn’t be if Officer Wilson had the legal right to defend himself and ultimately kill Michael Brown. The issue should be to analyze and understand how in the world we got here? Real justice will be a reality when all minorities receive equal access to education, access to better jobs and access to a better life. The lack of social mobility is the real issue here. I have read multiple times that “justice was served”, really, how?Sadly, this is likely to happen again.